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CDO Italian Sausage is made from 100% pork ingredients stuffed in natural hog casing. With a piquant blend of authentic Italian herbs, seasoning and spices, this Italian pork sausage is sure to give you that Italian taste that you are looking for.

Coarse ground pork mixed using high quality meat materials seasoned with selected spices and ingredients with distinct salty taste, grill note and herbs, stuffed in natural casing, smoked, cooked, packed, and delivered frozen.

Preparation Methods

Pan Frying:

  1. Preheat pan before adding oil. Ensure that half of the sausage is submerged in the oil.
  2. Cook for 2.5-3.0 minutes at low heat.
  3. It can be sliced before serving. Serve while hot.

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  • FG 02231

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